The Harvest Hills
Wind Project

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Propelling Washington’s Economy Forward

The Harvest Hills wind project will provide low-cost, reliable energy and create economic growth for Whitman County. The project will bring 200-megawatts of clean energy and is designed to integrate within existing farms and ranches, adding resiliency to the Washington energy system.

Once constructed, the project will bring in tens of millions of dollars in new tax revenue that will support the entire community, as well as hundreds of construction jobs and long-term service operation careers that bring in even more money to boost Whitman County’s economy. 

This project is under development by Steelhead Americas, the North American development arm of Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer and leading service provider.

Interested in learning more about the economic impact of the Harvest Hills project on the Whitman County community? Click the link below to request a copy of our Economic Impact Study!

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Thousands of Washington Homes Powered Annually
Tens of Millions in Overall Capital Investment
Hundreds of New Construction Jobs
Harvest Hills
Wind Project
Find out how wind power can partner with Whitman County community to build a stronger economy.

A Local Approach

We know the community’s needs must come first for our wind projects to be successful. We’re committed to building local relationships to better understand local perspectives and keep community interests at the heart of every wind project. To us, this means listening to the community, respecting the land and way of life, and striving to only add value where we can. To live up to that goal, here’s what we bring to the table:

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Value Add

We work with local businesses and suppliers, including construction, fencing, & trucking companies, local hotels, and trailer park owners to ensure they benefit from the project.

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Wind farms are a safe and effective means of generating electricity, and we ensure that clean power is delivered diligently through proper siting, construction, and management practices.

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Compared to other forms of energy production, wind farms have among the fewest environmental impacts. We conduct studies and work with local agencies to site projects in a way that minimizes impacts to wildlife & the environment.

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Property Value

According to multiple peer-reviewed studies that span the USA, wind projects have no significant long-term impact on property values.

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Harvest Hills Wind will provide reliable energy for approximately 25-30 years. At the end of a project’s life, turbines are removed safely, responsibly, and sustainably, and the impacted land is restored to its former state. The project will also comply with Whitman County's detailed decommissioning requirements.

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Financial Impact

Harvest Hills Wind Project will bring hundreds of construction jobs & long-term jobs, as well as tens of millions of dollars in community funding and local revenue.